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2020 Ford Escape




Keep your eyes on the road. The available head-up display creates an image on a display screen in front of you as you look through the windshield. This minimizes the distraction of having to look down at the car’s instrument panel. The head-up display keeps you informed with various available driver-assist features that include Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, Lane-Keeping System, Navigation and more.*



This standard feature scans the road ahead and can help alert you to potential collisions with vehicles or pedestrians detected in your path. If an impact is imminent and you don’t take corrective action, the brakes can apply automatically. But don’t worry — they’ll only activate if they’re needed.



You can collaborate with other users, outsmarting traffic by sharing information to get the best routes, and receive real-time alerts about accidents, road hazards and traffic jams. You can operate Waze through your vehicle’s touchscreen, as well as use voice commands for hands-free control, helping to keep your eyes on the road.



Designed to help improve your driving experience and handling on varying road surfaces. The different modes are Normal, Eco, Slippery, Sport and Deep Snow/Sand.10 Once selected, each of these driving modes can modify the electronic stability control system and traction control system.

10Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment and need to control the vehicle.
11Figures achieved with 93-octane premium fuel.
51Qi wireless charging may not be compatible with all mobile phones. Some mobile devices require a special adaptable sleeve for compatibility. See your owner’s manual for a complete list of compatible devices.
90Optional feature; availability varies by model. Features/functionality vary by vehicle/model. Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in motion. Not all features are compatible with all phones. Message and data rates may apply. Optional Navigation system map updates cannot be received via wi-fi and require a separate update.94B&O is a trademark of Bang & Olufsen A.S. registered in the United States and other countries.
112FordPass Connect (optional on select vehicles) (SYNC Connect for 2017/2018 model year vehicles), and FordPass Connect Service are required for remote features (see FordPass Terms for details). Service on 2018 and prior model year vehicles includes a 5-year trial for remote features; service for 2019 model year vehicles includes a 2-year trial period for remote features; service for 2020 and later model year vehicles includes a 1-year trial for remote features, excluding Wi-Fi hotspot, and starts with original vehicle sales date (after which, fees may apply). Connected service and features depend on compatible Bell network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features. Certain restrictions, 3rd-party terms or message/data rates may apply.
124Wi-Fi hotspot includes wireless data trial that begins upon Bell activation and expires at the end of 3 months or when 3GB of data is used, whichever comes first, but cannot extend beyond the subscription period for remote features. To activate, go to